Login Achieved

I’ve really been inspired lately by the active blogging done by the Desk app (of which I am using too 8^D). Throughout the development process (and beyond) there was an open and consistent stream of communication during the process. I’m going to work on following that model and provide more updates, even if you can’t see them. So here is the latest milestone.

You may have recalled a little while back that I was shifting the platform for Prayer Journal to my affectionately named “ZANS” stack. This went really smooth and was able to use it as a base for a .Net scaffold that others can use for their own apps. Mark off one task complete!

The next step is to get the basic user accounts / authentication in place. Fortunately, I ran across a great tutorial that outlines using AngularJS, Tokens, and .Net WebAPI to do authentication in a web application. I’ve had to make a few tweaks on it since my angular layout is a little different, but this morning I was able to verify that the login module is working. I’ll have to make another scaffold out of this to share with others.

There is still work to be done before I can have users start using the new framework, but it is a step in the right direction!