Sharing the Love – A New Scaffolding Framework with Zurb and .Net

I’ve mentioned over on my personal blog that one of the reasons why I blog is to “share the love” of experience and code solutions that I’ve come up with. That said, I’m here to share one of the resources I’ve brought off the ground for the platform shift referenced last week.

I’ve been able to package up the “core” infrastructure of the new Prayer Journal app into a .Net scaffold that you can use through NuGet to build a new app. This gives you a .Net WebAPI solution using the new Zurb Foundation for Applications (ZFA) to use for your front end. The application also includes OWIN Token based authentication to easily allow users in and out of features you want.

I’ll post more technical details over on my personal blog tomorrow, but wanted to make the announcement here for anybody that might be interested in using the scaffolding.