New Platform New Home

It has taken bit longer than I had planned, but Prayer Journal has made it over to its new home with its new framework!

As I mentioned a while back, the Firebase platform is a great platform, but I wanted a stack that I was more familiar with to be able to support in the long run. I was running in to some issues with groups as well that I couldn’t quite sort out.

So that said, I’ve rebuilt the app using my preferred “ZANS” stack (Zurb Foundation for Apps, AngularJS, .Net WebAPI, SQL Server) and the journal is at a new home:

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to transfer any prayers over, so you’ll have to re-enter those. I’m not planning on taking that site down anytime soon, so you can take your time.

At the moment there is a little bit of lag when you first create your account and create/update your first prayers. After that things should move along nicely. It could be an AngularJS loading thing, but I’m still looking into it. We’re in alpha stage afterall 8^D

The sharing feature isn’t in place yet either. The first priority was get basic prayer management in place. I also wanted to update some of the templates and processing of shared prayers. I’ll lump this together with the prayer groups (or save it for later) and keep moving forward.

You’ll find the interface is a little different, and hopefully a little easier to navigate, especially on the mobile side. This is where Zurb really shines. It definitely needs some UI polish, and I’m happy to accept any offers from design guys out there, as I am sorely lacking 8^D

I hope you enjoy the new layout. Spread the word and I’ll keep pressing forward to that lovely 1.0 milestone!



    1. Long term I’m looking to build a fundamentally simple and solid platform to see your prayers, and to share prayers with those that you have in your close circles of friends. While you can share your prayers publicly, I’m not sure if I want a “public wall” for anybody to come by and view. On one hand this can be very powerful. There are some serious prayer warriors out there and I believe prayer does change things. Getting small notices of that can be very encouraging (the “pager” concept in the about section) and if this could be expanded to a worldwide level, there could be some amazing results. But first and foremost I’m wanting that simple “Digital Prayer Journal” that I’m going to be opening many times a day, praying through requests, and praying for my friend’s requests as well. Hopefully that wasn’t too wordy, but it is good to look short and long term, and I need to get that vocalized, so I appreciate the question!!!


      1. that’s great. i’ve been around the “christian tech” scene for a long time and i’ve seen some really interesting prayer apps out there… might be good to review some of those as well… you already may have.

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      2. Thanks! I’ve seen a couple and want to dig back into them some more, but I want to get my core structure up and running first they way I want it to so not to be influenced by other apps. Not that they are better/worse, but need to get things out of my head first and then can fine tune based on other stuff out there. 8^D


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