Platform Shift

While there haven’t been any updates as of late (I’ll make sure this changes after the holidays) there has been some work going on that isn’t readily visible yet. I’m in the process of changing the platform model that Prayer Journal will be built on.


I’m extremely happy with AngularJS and Firebase has been a really interesting dive into the world of fully client based applications that have a realtime update model. However, I’ve started to hit a few little snags with Firebase (namely some added complexity when it comes to the NoSQL model and sharing items with various groups) that while aren’t insurmountable, I believe will take more time in the long run to work with than I find worth it. In addition, I want to stick to a code base that I’m more familiar with to be able to provide a faster turnaround in the long run when new features are added or bugs are discovered. I’ll also admit that in the long run I’m not sure I could handle the financial requirements of the Firebase platform.


With that in mind, I’m in the process of moving to the new ZANS stack. I think I just made that up, plus I like Dr. Seuss a lot 8^D. I’m using the new Zurb for Applications (ZA) stack to handle all of my front end needs. This will still give me the ability to have a single page application and the Zurb controls and layout model that I’ve become quite familiar and happy with. My middle tier is going to be the .Net WebAPI layer, which has some amazing “out of box” integration for authentication and REST compliant queries, all wrapped up in a standard JSON format. I’ll keep the data stored using SQL Server, since there is easy object referencing and Entity Framework object mapping. Ultimately all of this will allow me to host Prayer Journal on the Microsoft Azure platform, which gives me great flexibility when I need to build out services due to demand. I’m quite familiar with it too, which is a big help.


That’s the latest. Hopefully I’ll have everything moved over, with groups fully functional, by the end of next month, but keep working with the latest version and don’t hesitate to drop me a line with any comments, bugs, or ideas.






Next Steps: Groups

Now that the basic setup of Prayer Journal is in place (still rough edges to work out), the next major step is being able to create your own prayer groups. Interestingly enough, groups weren’t something I had in mind when I first started out with this project.